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Samuel Glazer, MD

Board Certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry, and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at NYU- Langone Medical Center. He is nationally recognized for his private office based treatment of professionals with addiction and alcoholism.

Olga Megwinoff, MD

Board Certified in Psychiatry and trained at NYU Medical Center, she treats Anxiety Disorders, ADD and ADHD, as well as mood disorders. She has an expertise in treating alcoholism and addiction in women.

Dr. Tracey Bassett

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, she is trained in many modes of therapy, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). She draws on her unique training to treat Chemical Dependency in young adults.
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Welcome to Fifth Avenue Psychiatry

Fifth Avenue Psychiatry is a unique, private psychiatric practice located on the Upper East Side of New York City, specializing in both the discreet outpatient treatment of alcoholism and addiction in professionals, and what are often the underlying causes of addiction: anxiety disorders, depression and ADD/ADHD.

Our approach to chemical dependency is different from any addiction treatment program in NYC. Our doctors provide confidential, individualized, comprehensive care in one setting that is tailored to the individual. Our emphasis is on the integration of a psychotherapeutic approach with a limited and careful use of medication. Unlike many psychiatrists that only prescribe medication or programs that can only offer therapy, our practice is based on the research proven fact that patients who require mental health care respond best to a combination of therapy and medication. At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry, you do not have to be referred out to someone else for "medication management".

The experienced team at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry specializes in individualized treatment. Rather than try to fit you into a previously designed and rigid alcohol or addiction treatment program, we will collaborate with you and tailor your program to your needs and lifestyle. Addiction and alcoholism are addressed in a holistic way targeting compulsive behavior and its underlying causes which often include depression, anxiety disorders and ADD/ADHD.

Using this personalized and collaborative approach we implement evidence based medication and progressive psychotherapeutic treatment modalities to address Alcoholism, Addiction , ADD/ADHD , Depression and Anxiety Disorders. Our diverse clinical staff is trained in a variety of treatment modalities.

Please browse the information on our site and learn more about our doctors and treatment philosophy. If you would like to learn more about our services or schedule an initial consultation, please contact us.

Fifth Avenue Psychiatry Care Philosophy