Emerging Adulthood

At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry, our doctors special training and teamwork allows for superior treatment of the unique challenges of emerging adulthood.

image-36-270x190Emerging adulthood is a term that has been defined to encompass the period of a persons life that spans the end of adolescence through his or her twenties. It is a period of life that is frought with many challenges and pitfalls. It is often overlooked as a period of immense psychological stress. As adulthood continues to be pushed farther back in our society, this is the time in persons life when they may first first confront more long term issues of identity, independence and intimacy. Symptoms that were controlled in a more structured life of school or academics may emerge. These symptoms may include anxiety or depression. ADD and ADHD may be unmasked or for the first time cause real impairment in the workforce. Addiction and substance abuse issues tend to emerge as well. For the first time, the inability to not control drinking is distinguished from “acceptable college use”. Binge drinking and drug abuse begin to interfere with work or are exposed to cause legal, relationship, or work problems.

The approach to the emerging adult is special and different from either adolescent or adult psychiatry. Through the eclectic experience and training of Drs Megwinoff, Glazer and Bassett, an appropriate treatment plan will be designed and implemented to treat this special population.