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As Psychiatrists, Dr. Glazer and Dr. Megwinoff are specially trained to treat all aspects of mental illness: Biological, Psychological and Sociological. Dr. Glazer and Dr. Megwinoff both treat with combined therapy and medication. After a phone consultation, you will be assigned to one of our doctors for a comprehensive in-person evaluation. After a working diagnosis is established, a fully individualized and comprehensive treatment plan is established in collaboration with the patient. The psychiatrists at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry are specially trained in their area of expertise to integrate all relevant forms of therapy into these treatment programs. The treatment program may involve a combination of individual psychotherapy, medication management, family meetings, group therapy or marital therapy as agreed on by the client. Comprehensive treatment means all treatment will be provided by either Dr. Glazer or Dr. Megwinoff solely or in very close collaboration with Dr. Bassett.

The following are some special situations and how they are managed at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry.

Addiction and Alcoholism in Professionals

As an Addiction Psychiatrist, Dr. Glazer is fully trained in both the newest medical and evidence-based psychotherapeutic modalities. He is nationally recognized for his individual work with physicians and other professionals. For many professionals, the idea of getting treatment for addiction in a treatment program is a huge barrier to entering treatment. At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry, comprehensive treatment of addiction is provided in a private, intimate psychotherapy office.

Women and Alcoholism

Most treatment programs for alcoholism are male-oriented. At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry, we understand women are a special population when it comes to alcoholism. Because of our private office setting and individual approach, women can feel safe obtaining treatment, and can even choose to work with a female psychiatrist. We offer personalized solutions using individual psychotherapy, relapse prevention, and medication.

Adult Psychiatry

At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry, treatment is personalized and evidence-based, and draws on many treatment modalities. Our doctors are trained and current with the best evidence-based medication treatment strategies, but our practice has a strong emphasis on psychotherapy as the foundation of treatment. In fact, research shows that the gold standard of treatment for depression, anxiety, and ADHD is combined psychotherapy with medication (if needed).

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

A diagnosis of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder usually needs to be substantiated by recent previous neuropsychological testing, or Dr. Bassett can perform testing at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry. Dr. Bassett is expertly trained to test for ADD/ADHD in children and adults. After a diagnosis is confirmed, treatment may consist of medication management or psychotherapy or both.

Addiction in Adolescents and Emerging Adults

Dr. Bassett brings her expertise in working with adolescents to treat adolescents and emerging adults with alcoholism and addiction in collaboration with Dr. Glazer. Treatment modalities for teens and emerging adults include individual psychotherapy, medication management (psychopharmacology), group therapy and family therapy.

Detoxification from Psychiatric Medication

Are you over-medicated? Unfortunately, many psychopharmacologists today engage in something called “polypharmacy”. Despite limited or no evidence at all that it is helpful, many psychiatrists or “psychopharmacologists” as they call themselves (actually a self given name – there is no actual board certification for “psychopharmacology”) prescribe multiple kinds of medications to manage their patients’ symptoms. Some are put on two, three or even more antidepressants at once, or several different classes of medications to treat one set of symptoms. Most of this prescribing is “off-label” meaning that these medications are not approved for by the FDA or “indicated” for what they are being prescribed. Usual there is no research or clinical evidence that suggests it is helpful. In fact, treatment guidelines by the American Psychiatric Association discourage this “polypharmacy” as often times this leads to an unnecessary dependence on toxic medications that cause serious side effects.

Children in particular are often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, or mood disorders, without much to substantiate these pathologizing diagnoses, leading to overmedication of the child.

Since being in practice, Dr. Megwinoff and Dr. Glazer have identified many adults, children and adolescents who are needlessly overmedicated and successfully detoxed them with a marked improvement in functioning and well being.

Because Dr. Glazer and Dr. Megwinoff do not meet with Pharmaceutical Representatives or “drug reps” nor do they take consultation fees or gifts from drug companies, their medication decisions are always evidence based and unbiased.

Children and Teenagers

Dr. Bassett and Dr. Megwinoff are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, and OCD in Children and Adolescents. Treatment modalities for children and teens include individual psychotherapy, medication management and family therapy. Dr. Megwinoff is an expert in the psychopharmacology (medication management) of these disorders. She works in close collaboration with Dr. Bassett in treating children with these disorders.

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