Dr. Tracey Bassett

Dr. Tracey Bassett is a licensed clinical psychologist in New York State. Dr. Bassett is a specialist in working with adolescents, and young adults. She has combined her work with Dr. Glazer on chemical dependency and addiction, with her strong background in adolescent psychology, DBT (see below)and family treatment to create a program at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry specifically designed for adolescents and emerging adults with substance abuse issues.

Dr. Bassett is trained in Family Therapy, Relational Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with subspecialties in specific behavioral interventions to target symptoms of ADD and ADHD, anxiety, and depression. She views each client as a unique individual and basis her treatment approach on specific client needs, symptoms, and goals. Treatment is also based in a biopsychosocial model in which symptoms are understood and treated with the understanding of how biological predispositions and environment shape each individual. Dr. Bassett is very motivated to work with individuals and their families to identify the best possible treatment plan, and this may include work with both Dr. Glazer and Dr. Megwinoff for medication management as clinically indicated.

Dr Bassett has also been trained in Dialectical behavioral Therapy (DBT). DBT is a specific behavioral intervention for individuals requiring support with behavior, emotional, and cognitive regulation. DBT works on helping the client increase mindfulness, increasing distress tolerance, learn coping skills, and learning to regulate difficult emotions. DBT is evidence based and research has shown this to be a very effective treatment with individuals that are suffering from the above symptoms and concurrent chemical dependency, mood disorders, and self injurious behaviors.

In addition to her work in private practice, Dr. Bassett is also engaged in several other training and teaching opportunities in the community. She is a supervising psychologist and specialty program director at a local Westchester community mental health center. She supervises psychology interns, program staff related to an early intervention therapeutic nursery, and oversees an early childhood testing grant. In addition, Dr. Bassett is also an adjunct professor at Mercy College and teaches undergraduate psychology.

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