Addiction Psychiatry and Psychology in New York City

Fifth Avenue Psychiatry is a unique, private psychiatric practice located in Manhattan on the Upper East Side of New York City. Our award-winning psychiatrists and psychologists are licensed to comprehensively treat addiction, alcoholism and what are often the underlying causes of addiction, such as: anxiety disorders, depression, and ADD/ADHD.

We provide outpatient addiction and alcoholism treatment in a discreet office setting, and in a compassionate manner.

Fifth Avenue Psychiatry’s addiction treatment team, led by Dr. Glazer, a New York Magazine Top Addiction Psychiatrist, provides executives and professionals with discreet, evidence-based addiction treatment.

Private Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Executives

Our approach to chemical dependency is different from any addiction treatment program in New York City. Our doctors provide confidential, comprehensive care in one setting that is tailored to the individual. Our emphasis is on the integration of a psychotherapeutic approach with a limited and careful use of medication.

Unlike many psychiatrists that only prescribe medication or programs that can only offer therapy, our practice is based on the research-proven fact that patients who require mental healthcare respond best to a combination of therapy and medication. At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry, you do not have to be referred out to someone else for "medication management."

Unique and Personalized Treatment for Addiction and its Underlying Causes

The award-winning Manhattan addiction team at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry specializes in individualized, science-based treatment. Rather than try to fit you into a previously designed and rigid mental health, alcohol, or addiction treatment program, we will collaborate with you, meet you where you are, and tailor your program to your current needs with minimal disruption of your life.

For many people with alcoholism and addiction, co-occurring disorders are present and need to be addressed concurrently. Addiction and alcoholism are often a result of "self-medication." We address addiction treatment in a holistic way, targeting compulsive behavior and its underlying causes which often include depression, anxiety disorders and ADD/ADHD.

Evidence-Based Clinical Care for Addiction in Manhattan

Using a personalized and collaborative approach we implement evidence-based medication and progressive psychotherapeutic treatment modalities to address:

  • Alcoholism
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders

Meet Our Doctors

Our award-winning doctors are trained in a variety of treatment modalities. Learn more about us below.

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