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Aftercare Services for Addiction Recovery

What is Aftercare in Addiction Recovery?

Aftercare in addiction recovery refers to relapse prevention techniques that patients can incorporate into their lives following their time in a treatment program. An aftercare plan can include support groups, ongoing behavioral therapy, medication management, meeting with a sponsor, and other maintenance to help cope with triggers and stressors that risk relapse.

Types of Aftercare Services

Medication Management

Our clinically certified psychiatrists can continue working with patients after they finish their recovery programs with us to manage medications. We can prescribe medication designed to reduce relapse cravings as well as aid in mental health conditions.

Behavioral Therapies

We offer a plethora of behavioral therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and more. Therapy doesn’t have to end with initial treatment and can be a helpful piece in long-term sobriety. It reinforces healthy coping mechanisms and helps you work through any new situations that develop trigger relapses.

Why is Aftercare Important in Addiction Recovery?

Treatment programs are thorough and comprehensive. When they get to treatment, patients take part in medical detox, behavioral therapies, counseling, and more. However, once the initial treatment program ends, patients must return to their daily lives again, returning to work, their social lives, and responsibilities. With the sudden shift from an environment with professionals all aimed to support you back into a world where there are triggers and chaos, aftercare is meant to help the individual retain the knowledge and skills they learned in treatment to prevent relapse.

Family Involvement in Aftercare

Having a strong support system following addiction treatment is an essential part of sustaining recovery. It’s important that we know we have others standing alongside us to believe in our ability to maintain sobriety and reach our goals. In our aftercare services, we provide family therapy as a way to continue effective communication between loved ones and make sure everyone is staying on the same page to support recovery.

Aftercare Services at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry

Our relationships with our clients don’t end once treatment is finished. We’re always here to support and encourage each of our client’s sobriety and recovery. With medication management and behavioral therapies available, we can continue being there for you the best we know how – with evidence-based practice.