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College students drinking alcohol

The Transition from College Drinking to Professional Life

A common issue that occurs in our practice deals with the difficulties of transitioning from drinking behaviors in college to drinking behaviors in young adult/professional life. In college, there is an emphasis on partying, drinking socially, and using substances as a reward for working hard during the week in classes. This type of behavior has created a “work hard, play hard” mentality that has impacted the professional executives we work with in therapy. Research shows that frequent binge drinking between ages 18 and 25 years old appears to be a major risk factor for alcohol dependence in adulthood (Tavolacci, et al. 2019). In this article, our Manhattan addiction professionals will highlight some thoughts and behaviors that people develop in college, …

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New dad suffering from postpartum depression

The Challenges of Managing Mental Health and Substance Use Amongst New Fathers

The Paradox of Parenthood: Unsurmountable Joy and Excessive Stress Any parent can attest to the challenges that having a child can have on both an individual and a relationship.  Becoming a parent is accompanied by much excitement and joy, but it also comes with challenges, frustration, and stress. To put this level of reported stress into perspective, one study showed that “the drop in life satisfaction during the year following the first birth is even larger than that caused by unemployment, divorce or the death of a partner” (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, 2015).  Although some went on to call this a controversial study due to the magnitude of the claim, it is undeniable that, for most people, stress levels soar in the first year …

Ketamine for Depression | Girl with Ketamine Text

Using Ketamine for Depression Treatment

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. While traditional antidepressant medications and psychotherapy have been used for decades, a groundbreaking approach has recently emerged: the use of ketamine for depression. Known for its anesthetic properties and recreational use, ketamine could be a potential game-changer in the mental health field. In this blog, I will discuss the ketamine’s mechanism of action, potential benefits, risks, and its role in revolutionizing depression treatment. Understanding Depression: A Complex Mental Health Challenge Depression is not just a fleeting sadness; it is a complex and chronic mental health condition that can severely impact a person’s quality of life. Traditionally, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and other antidepressant medications have been used …

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Mental Health Struggles and Management Among Dentists

A Silent Epidemic: Mental Health Struggles in the Field of Dentistry In the healthcare profession, mental health issues, especially those concerning substance abuse, are rarely discussed. In fact, dentists and oral surgeons may often shy away from admitting to mental health concerns and seeking professional help for fear that careers may be at stake. Studies dating back to the 1980s note dissatisfaction, anxiety, and depression among male and female dentists and oral surgeons. Dentistry and oral surgery are professional fields riddled with stress and the requirement for perfection. Research shows also that dentists and oral surgeons face higher rates of suicide than other executive and health industry professionals in the United States. Stress or burnout in the dental and oral …

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Why Dentists and Oral Surgeons Are at High Risk for Substance Abuse

High Substance Abuse Among Dentists and Oral Surgeons Several factors contribute to dentists being at risk for substance abuse and addiction. With a high demand for perfect performance, the isolation of running a practice and business, and access to controlled substances, turning to substances as a form of relief may be tempting. Factors that contribute to substance abuse in the dental and oral surgery profession include:  Isolation Profession-related low self-esteem Access to controlled substances Depression due to work/life balance stressors Demands to be precise; perfectionism Burnout and overwhelm Because many dentists and oral surgeons run their own businesses, stressors they face are often unique to business owners. Dentists and oral surgeons often face the dual demands of practicing as a …

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The Psychology of Addiction

The Psychology of Addiction

Understanding the Stages of Addiction To understand the psychology behind addiction, it is important to start with the basic of the behavior. If you understand the root causes, an addiction may be easier to overcome, treat, or sympathize with the addict’s experience. Addiction is identified by an individual engaging in an activity or behavior that starts as pleasurable but cannot stop the behavior, even to the detriment of everyday living. This may include harm to family, work, hobbies, and other commitments. An addict may set aside their well-being and health or the well-being of their loved ones. In many cases, the cause of the addiction or addictive behavior is some aspect of emotional stress that is deep-rooted, often subconscious, and …

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