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The team at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry aims to help both adults and adolescents with substance abuse and mental health issues.

How To Know If Your Teen Is Depressed

Growing up comes with many challenges, especially in the teenage years, as hormones change and social experiences become more and more complex. Unfortunately, some teens may develop mental health problems...
Adolescent Psychiatry

How To Help An Addict or Alcoholic You Love

What is it like to be in love with an addict or alcoholic? The hard truth of the matter is that a lasting relationship with a person with an addiction...
Addiction and Treatment

How to Calm An Anxiety Attack

Anxiety is common for many people, but some may feel it more intensely than others. It is typically related to stressors or the anticipation of stressors that induce symptoms such...
Mental Health

Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

Feeling anxious about feeling anxious? Anxiety is common among everyone, though some experience greater degrees of it than others. Anxiety levels vary based on genetics, brain chemistry, traumas, stressors, and...
Mental Health

Tips For Working Moms With ADHD

As a mother with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it can be challenging managing your condition while putting the needs of your children first. There are plenty of mothers with ADHD...
Mental Health
Man in suit experiencing back pain

Chronic Pain, Depression, & Addiction: Breaking the Pain Cycle with Psychological Treatments

By: Dr. Hannah Mitchell, PhD, MPH Chronic pain, or persistent pain that frequently interferes with life and professional activities, affects approximately one in five people in the United States.1 Chronic...
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