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Dr. Ronnit Nazarian, Psy.D.

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, and relationship difficulties in children, adolescents, and adults. I also have expertise in substance use and addiction (e.g, alcohol, cocaine, opioids, porn, social media, marijuana) and focus on understanding and treating the underlying disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder) that drive the addiction. Many of my clients seek treatment because they are having difficulty connecting socially, managing their busy daily commitments, asserting their needs to others, and becoming motivated to accomplish their goals. These problems have created increased anxiety levels and depression, which have led clients to avoid difficult situations, develop unhealthy habits, have difficulties in their relationships, and use drugs/alcohol to cope.

My approach to therapy is tailored towards each of my client’s needs and follows their pace. I provide my clients with evidence-based treatment approaches, support, and tools they need to be successful in overcoming their individual struggles. With tools, I help clients understand their triggers, challenge irrational thoughts, develop healthier thoughts, practice mindfulness meditation, become assertive, regulate emotions, and tolerate distress. The techniques I use are pulled from various therapeutic models such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Relational Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy. I strive to include my clients in treatment planning and encourage them to provide feedback on their goals in therapy.

In addition to private practice, I have also worked in multiple clinical and school settings providing therapy, conducting psychological assessments, and developing individualized education plans. I have co-led multiple social anxiety groups to overcome daily social stressors as well as groups focused on Dialectical Behavior Therapy to reduce risky behaviors and intense emotions.

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