Mental Health Treatment Approach

Bipolar Disorder Leaves Teens In Danger Of Addiction

Unique Approach to Mental Health Treatment

Fifth Avenue Psychiatry is unique and progressive in its approach to mental health. Treatment is personalized and research based, and draws on many treatment modalities. Dr. Glazer and Dr. Megwinoff are Board Certified Psychiatrists, and are trained and current with the best evidence based medication treatment strategies. But they both were trained to believe and practice with a strong emphasis on psychotherapy as the foundation of treatment. In fact, research shows that the gold standard of treatment for depression, anxiety, and ADHD in both adults and adolescents is combined psychotherapy with medication used judiciously. This is best if provided by the same person, or by a team of professionals collaborating closely.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine refers to the concept that each individual is unique, and differences among patients should be considered when therapies are being determined. Though it seems so simple, this concept is rarely applied to many psychiatric disorders. At its core, personalized treatment is the systematic use of information obtained from the patient to dictate the type and course of treatment.

A Note on Medication

We have observed that many people (adolescents and adults) being treated for a variety of psychiatric symptoms, are often overmedicated. In fact, many psychiatrists routinely treat depression and anxiety with complex medication combinations that are not evidence based. Many medications commonly prescribed for these disorders are not even indicated or FDA approved for that particular use. Another common practice “polypharmacy” is when someone is put on multiple medications, usually there is no evidence at all that these combinations are effective-this can be costly, debilitating, and has no proven therapeutic effect. People can be on these medication regimens often for years only to be exposed to many side effects and potential long term risk, with minimal relief of symptoms.

Dr. Glazer and Dr. Megwinoff can carefully evaluate and discuss your current treatment regimen with you as it compares to true evidence based practice guidelines, and can often create a treatment plan that minimizes medication use.

In order to stay objective and true to evidence based practices, the staff at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry do not meet with pharmaceutical representatives. Dr. Glazer and Dr. Megwinoff do not consult with nor receive any compensation of any kind from the pharmaceutical industry.

Unique Attributes of our Doctors

Along with being a psychopharmacolgist and psychotherapist, Dr. Megwinoff is an expert on many alternative forms of treatment including meditation, diet and supplements and prefers to integrate these into her traditional treatment plan.

Dr. Bassett’s extensive training in the Cognitive- Behavioral method of psychotherapy compliments the treatment styles of Dr. Glazer and Dr. Megwinoff. Her personalized approach to treatment in addiction with adolescents and emerging adults is unique.

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