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The Challenges of Managing Mental Health and Substance Use Amongst New Fathers

The Paradox of Parenthood: Unsurmountable Joy and Excessive Stress Any parent can attest to the challenges that having a child can have on both an individual and a relationship.  Becoming a parent is accompanied by much excitement and joy, but it also comes with challenges, frustration, and stress. To put this level of reported stress into perspective, one study showed that “the drop in life satisfaction during the year following the first birth is even larger than that caused by unemployment, divorce or the death of a partner” (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, 2015).  Although some went on to call this a controversial study due to the magnitude of the claim, it is undeniable that, for most people, stress levels soar in the first year

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The Link Between Workplace Stress and Drug Abuse

  Workplace stress is not only prevalent, especially in high-level positions, but also often leads to substance use to cope. From high-level executives to emergency responders, substance use prevails as a way to cope with the demands and stress of work expectations. With such a high demand placed on productivity, reliance on external sources (including drugs and alcohol) are not completely surprising.   Unfortunately, substance abuse may go undetected for a long time, with people often using so much and so often that their “normal” is actually under the influence, making it difficult to detect when a person is using. From needing uppers to keep up with a fast pace to downers to relax, substances are a common tool used

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Peer Pressure and Drug Use in High-Level Positions

High-Stress Careers and the Prevalence of Peer Pressure No one is exempt from peer pressure, not top athletes, movie stars, or even executives in fast-paced, high-level companies. Executive peer pressure is often associated with the need to act successfully and show leadership, even when not in the office. Along with this comes the pressure to do what those before you did, and do what other high-level executives may be doing, including the use of alcohol, drugs, and other addictions to deal with the stress of high-pressure positions. This pressure and need to resemble the crowd are especially prevalent in the hospitality and recreation industry. Although the fun and excitement of the hospitality and recreation industry may bring professionals around illicit

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The Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Professionals and Executives

Substance use and addiction treatment provides individuals with the tools needed to both recognize triggers and manage such triggers without the use of alcohol or drugs. In addition, the appropriate type of addiction treatment also seeks to address underlying psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, personality/mood disorders, PTSD, and more. A treatment plan that addresses both underlying issues, as well as addiction, is commonly referred to as dual diagnosis treatment. This form of treatment tends to be most effective as it focuses on helping the individual as a whole, rather than solely focusing on the addiction. This is because most substance use issues stem from an underlying issue, so if the underlying issue is not addressed while addressing substance use,

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