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Adolescent Psychiatry in New York City

Dr. Bassett and Dr. Megwinoff have extensive training and experience in the treatment of childhood disorders with an expertise in anxiety disorders, depression and ADD and ADHD. Our approach to the treatment of the adolescent is multidimensional. We focus on the complex interaction between biological, psychological, behavioral and environmental issues affecting the mental health of the adolescent. Though symptoms can be treated with medication, and at times medication is necessary, our emphasis is on a psychotherapeutic approach, with roots in both psycho-dynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches.

Individual Treatment Plans

After careful assessment of the adolescent, the treatment plan will focus on behavioral, psychological and family therapies, with medication management only if necessary and after careful thought. It is our philosophy that adolescents are very resilient by nature, and though many symptoms can be quickly mitigated with medication, evidence-based individual and family therapies tend to work quite effectively without unknown long-term risks and side effects.

Family therapy or at least family involvement in treatment is essential to the appropriate care of the adolescent or teen. Modern adolescent psychiatry understands that though many adolescent disorders are biologically based, the interplay of the family system around the adolescent and thus treatment of this system is vital to the well-being and expression of mental health to everyone within the family.

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