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Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Blog

The team at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry aims to help both adults and adolescents with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Peer Pressure and Drug Use in High-Level Positions

High-Stress Careers and the Prevalence of Peer Pressure No one is exempt from peer pressure, not top athletes, movie stars, or even executives in fast-paced, high-level companies. Executive peer pressure...
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The Importance of Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Although the image of people struggling with addiction rarely includes white-collar professionals in executive positions, the truth is that addiction is widespread among white-collar professionals. Within high-paying professions lies high...
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The Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Professionals and Executives

Substance use and addiction treatment provides individuals with the tools needed to both recognize triggers and manage such triggers without the use of alcohol or drugs. In addition, the appropriate...

Q & A: The Complex Cycle of Alcohol Use and Depression 

By: Tracey Basett, Psy.D. The relationship between depression and alcohol use is a very complicated one. This is because both depression and alcohol can exacerbate the effects of each other...
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Adderall Addiction in the Workplace

By Britt Gottlich, Psy.D. At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry, we often get new clients seeking stimulant medications for ADHD. These individuals are usually surprised with how cautious we tend to be...
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How To Choose the Right Psychiatrist for Addiction Treatment

By Samuel Glazer, MD Addiction is understood as a brain disease that is multidimensional, and, to this point, there are still very few effective treatments. What we also know is...
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