Discreet Substance Abuse Group Therapy for Executives in Manhattan

Moderation Management Group for Young Professionals

Group therapy can be a very powerful tool to aid and support moderation management practices for drugs and alcohol. At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry, our Manhattan addiction treatment professionals carefully evaluate and select group members to join our group therapy program so that attending individuals feel connected and understood by both the group therapists and other members.

About Our Manhattan Group Therapy for Addiction

Our group therapy program is led by two licensed clinical psychologists, Dr. Tracey Bassett and Dr. Britt Gottlich. Both Dr. Bassett and Dr. Gottlich have a comprehensive history of group therapy experience and have run successful moderation management groups at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry for several years.

While our Manhattan group therapy program has psychoeducational aspects which are rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the moderation management group is tailored to the needs and requests of group members. As a primarily member-driven program, our Manhattan group therapy program emphasizes process, support, and open dialogue. Historically, group speakers, at the request of members, have been included to speak to themes such as meditation and the impact of substances on the brain in both short-term and long-term use.

The Benefits of Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

While one-on-one addiction treatment is favored by some, group therapy for addiction can be beneficial on its own or in addition to individualized treatment. Amongst other reasons, group therapy offers the following benefits to attendees:
  • Inspires vulnerability 
  • Offers community support
  • Group therapy reduces isolation for those who may feel alone in their addiction/li>
  • Group therapy broadens perspective 
  • Offers evidence of improvement

What is Moderation Management?

Moderation management offers a form of harm reduction for individuals struggling with the consequences of alcohol and substance use that may not be ready or may not need to take an abstinence approach. In contrast to abstinence, moderation management, which instills controlled use practices, is a tool designed to motivate individuals to reduce use. Rather than forcing an individual into a traditional treatment plan that encourages complete abstinence, moderation programs allow a person to reflect on their behavior in order to develop their own effective approach. In a moderation management program, therapists can help an individual create goals and set personal limitations that may be more specific to them.

It is critical to understand that moderation management programs are intended for those who do not have a severe alcohol or substance use disorder. Those who suffer from severe addiction may find it difficult to reduce consumption and may have greater success with an individualized alcohol addiction program.

Learn more about our Manhattan substance use group therapy program by contacting Fifth Avenue Psychiatry.