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Individualized Office Based Treatment

Addiction is a complicated and multifaceted disease with biological, psychological, and social components. At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry, addiction is approached in an integrated manner. We believe an addiction-trained psychiatrist is the optimal professional to treat a disease with the scope of addiction.

As a medical doctor, a psychiatrist can truly understand and treat the biological underpinnings and physical side effects of addiction. As a trained psychotherapist, a psychiatrist can use evidence-based individual, family, and group therapy modalities to treat the underlying psychological and social issues, as well as the psychological and social aftermath of self-destructive addictive behavior. As a psychiatrist, double boarded in both Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry, Dr. Glazer can fully evaluate, understand, treat, and coordinate care for addicted persons.

New and exciting evidence-based treatment modalities and the development of new medications have now allowed for all stages of treatment of addiction to be conducted in an outpatient setting. At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry, we have taken addiction treatment to an even higher level – a comprehensive treatment of addiction in a private, confidential psychotherapy office located on Manhattan’s upper east side.

Discreet Group Therapy for Executives

Group therapy can be a very powerful tool to aid and support in moderation management practices for drugs and alcohol. At Fifth Avenue Psychiatry we carefully select group members to be a part of the group so that individuals will feel connected and understood by both group therapists and other members. 

The group is lead by two licensed clinical psychologists, Dr Tracey Bassett and Dr Britt Gottlich. Both Dr Bassett and Dr Gottlich have a history of group experience and have ran successful moderation management groups at the practice for several years.  

Groups are tailored to the needs and requests of the group members. Groups have psychoeducational aspects that are rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. However, they are primarily member driven with process, support and open dialogue. Historically, groups have also had guest speakers at the request of members and have included themes such as meditation and the impact of substances on the brain in both short term and long term use.

Clients are allowed a two week trial of the group and then we ask that a ten week commitment is made, with option to continue after that time period. Please contact us for more information.