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“I recently celebrated my fifth anniversary of sobriety and my fifth anniversary of treatment with Dr. Glazer. I feel blessed to have found him for so many reasons. The obvious one is how quickly, and painlessly, he was able to break me of the terrible addiction to painkillers I had been in the grips of for seven years. I truly believe he saved my life. I started going to him for that specific reason and ended staying for so many others. I don’t think I would have been able to stay drug-free without his support, especially during that first year. I never intended on a long-term relationship and imagined that after a few months, and perhaps some anti-depressants, I’d be on my way. Little did I know, my drug problem was to be a catalyst for me to start a wonderful journey of self-discovery. Comprehending why I got into such trouble to being with was where the real work began. He has been such a wonderful and understanding teacher, mentor and confidante. He’s so bright, so astute and easy to talk to- he’s been supportive and sensitive. Also, something that’s been crucial to my success is that Dr. Glazer has a great sense of humor. He has guided me through all the most emotional and complex decisions I have faced these past five years and I am a better (and happier) wife, mother and person because of the work we have done together. I recommend, with all sincerity and complete confidence, Dr. Sam Glazer, to anyone looking to make their lives happier, richer, less complicated and, of course, drug-free.”


“I am a long time private equity executive who grew up under challenging circumstances, including abusive parents. As a result of these experiences, I was wrestling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety-related issues and their impact on my ability to form meaningful relationships with family and friends. My time with Dr. Glazer has helped me understand better my feelings about my now deceased parents and how to manage my feelings regarding their treatment of me and my siblings. In particular, he has guided me towards understanding the possible sources of my anxiety and therefore, how to better manage this potentially paralyzing demon when it arrives. All of this had given me a better attitude towards life and a renewed and revitalized relationship with my wife and children. I am also feeling much better about my ability to form meaningful relationships with friends and coworkers.”


“I was working as a model and was quite unhappy in both my personal and professional life. I had gone to other doctors and was prescribed an arsenal of medications. My Ob/Gyn was concerned about the medication I was prescribed and referred me to Dr. Glazer. In every way imaginable, Dr. Glazer saved my life. My entire existence transformed after working with Dr. Glazer and I will always be eternally grateful. I now have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and I am starting an amazing career. Dr. Glazer works from a nonpathologizing point of view. He looks beyond a person’s layers of protection and is able to find the loveable and vulnerable person inside. He is non-judgmental, and provides a sense of comfort when exploring difficult topics. He is a doctor that honors and respects the therapeutic alliance and is completely authentic. He is an inspiration and a wonderful human being. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a psychiatrist that is supportive, and dedicated to helping his clients.”