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Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Blog

The team at Fifth Avenue Psychiatry aims to help both adults and adolescents with substance abuse and mental health issues.

The Psychology of Addiction

Understanding the Stages of Addiction To understand the psychology behind addiction, it is important to start with the basic of the behavior. If you understand the root causes, an addiction...
Addiction and Treatment
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Substance Abuse & Addiction Among Health Care Professionals

New York Health Care Professionals and Substance Abuse Disorders Despite societal perceptions of healthcare professionals and preconceived ideologies, these professionals are just as susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse as...
Addiction and Treatment

3 Signs a Person is Self-Medicating: Substance Use and Mental Illness

Substance Use and Mental Health: Why People Self-Medicate Self-medication refers to the use of drugs or alcohol as an attempt to manage issues related to mental health. According to the...
Co-Occurring DisordersMental Health

Stimulant Addiction in the Professional World

How Do Stimulants Work Stimulants work on the nervous system to improve cognitive function and alertness, increasing the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. These natural chemicals help to...
Addiction and Treatment

Substance Abuse’s Impact on Relationships at Work

Interpersonal relationships are between two or more people and can consist of one-on-one interactions in person, via social media or email, in social settings, or the workplace. In the workplace,...
Addiction and TreatmentAlcoholism and Recovery
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The Link Between Workplace Stress and Drug Abuse

  Workplace stress is not only prevalent, especially in high-level positions, but also often leads to substance use to cope. From high-level executives to emergency responders, substance use prevails as...